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Upgrades, refreshes, & additions: Exciting changes this year @ ML!

By Ryan Bredow on January 29, 2018

As the second semester starts, it is an excellent time to reflect on the many blessings Martin Luther High School has to be thankful for. The school year started in August and brought a school full of smiling and happy faces of new students and staff members. With the talented new staff (click HERE for links to pieces about our awesome new staff members!), new classes were also made available, including four Advanced Placement classes and a new power technologies course featuring motor and engine repair, welding, and auto mechanics. Check out some of the details around these exciting upgrades, refeshes, and additions happening on campus:

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From Lab Research Scientist to ML Physics teacher: Meet Mr. Chris Hathaway

By Ryan Bredow on November 8, 2017

Author, humble, passionate, competitive, funny and full of grit are just a few words that can be used to describe Martin Luther science teacher, Chris Hathaway.

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VIDEO: Spartathon! You're gonna want to check this out...

By Ryan Bredow on October 24, 2017

What an exciting week at Martin Luther recently, as students participated in a school-wide fundraiser known as "Spartathon." Spartathon kicked off the Homecoming activities with different class competitions on a half day of school. Students raise money to participate and all proceeds will be put towards the completion of the Fitness Center Renovation Project. Over $12,000 has been raised and pledges are still coming in! A minimum of $15 was needed for students to participate in class competitions and any student raising $60 earned a class t-shirt and pizza lunch. The highest level of prizes included free tickets to prom.

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Meet our awesome new teachers: Part 2!

By Ryan Bredow on October 17, 2017

Last week in Meet our awesome teachers: Part 1, we got to introduce you to 3 new rockstar teachers in our community: Mr. Rodriguez, Mr. Kutcher, & Mr. Froehlich. This week, we have the opportunity to introduce you to 3 more!

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Meet our awesome new teachers! Part 1

By Ryan Bredow on October 10, 2017

Dax Rodriguez joined the Martin Luther faculty this year and is teaching in the social studies department, including the leadership of a new Advanced Placement course in World History. He graduated from UW-Madison, finished his post baccalaureate teaching degree at UW-Parkside, and finished his masters degree at Cardinal Stritch University. Dax has a BA in Political Science and his master’s is in History. Dax taught for 18 years at West Allis Central High School, where he liked it better when he was Coach Rick Hoppert’s boss and Coach Chris Pfaller was a kid when he was coaching.

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By Ryan Bredow on August 17, 2016
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By Ryan Bredow on August 18, 2016

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