Upgrades, refreshes, & additions: Exciting changes this year @ ML!

Posted by Ryan Bredow on Jan 29, 2018 5:36:00 PM

As the second semester starts, it is an excellent time to reflect on the many blessings Martin Luther High School has to be thankful for. The school year started in August and brought a school full of smiling and happy faces of new students and staff members. With the talented new staff (click HERE for links to pieces about our awesome new staff members!), new classes were also made available, including four Advanced Placement classes and a new power technologies course featuring motor and engine repair, welding, and auto mechanics. Check out some of the details around these exciting upgrades, refeshes, and additions happening on campus:

New power technologies space!

PT.jpgThe new power technologies course required a new classroom and spaces used for the weight room and fitness equipment were reclaimed. One space was redesigned with two welding booths and a center station used for engines and welding, with an exhaust venting system. The second space is a more traditional classroom setting. Students utilize both spaces for classroom learning and hands-on learning throughout the semester. As the spaces were redesigned over the summer, a new location was needed for the weight room and fitness equipment.

Upgraded fitness center space!

A large space was available in the lower level of the basement. The space was used for the bi-annual rummage sale that generated much needed fundraising for the school. For over 40 years, it was well maintained and run by John and Sue Gieschen. While the space was renovated for the fitness center, a new location was needed for the rummage sale. This created an opportunity to benefit all three of our Lutheran High Schools. The Association worked to find a location and staff to run a year-round thrift store. A located was secured at 3125 S. 108th Street in West Allis and the store has been named Three in One Thrift Store, to reflect the ministry of all three high schools, and plans to officially open soon.

The rummage sale space was cleared out and quickly redesigned for the new fitness center, including a weight room and cardio equipment. With the added space and equipment in one location, the students have been able to experience the benefits. The Physical Education Department utilizes the space to teach proper weight training and technique. All athletic teams use the space and are trained by Strength Coach Patrick Dhein. There are strength training programs for middle school students throughout the year, along with many alumni and community members that train with Coach Patrick.

Wresting room refresh!

wrestling.jpgAs the space was renovated, so was the wrestling room located next to the fitness center. A new wall was created to divide the space and new mats were put in the wrestling room. Wrestling coach Tony Romano was very excited for the start of wrestling season. While the season is in full swing, he is also busy preparing for the youth clinic featuring a tournament between association youth programs. The tournament will be hosted at ML and the new wrestling mats will be put to good use- click HERE for details!

Gym floor redesign!

gym floor.jpgWrestling wasn’t the only floor that was redone for this school year. A summer project featured a complete redesign of the gym floor. The space hadn’t been redone since 1990, and featured the old Marty Sparty logo, painted on the floor by retired art teacher, Jim Dietz. The new logo features a Spartan ‘helmet of salvation’ with a cross in the center. The floor features this large Spartan head at center court. LED lighting was also added to the space and highlights the new floor. As to never forget were we came from, a print of the old Marty Sparty hangs at the entrance of the gym. There is a plaque that states the following, “Cherishing our past. Grateful for our present. Excited for our future.” It shares the logos of Martin Luther and states the original ‘Marty Sparty Head’ logo was created by Mr. Jim Dietz in 1990. Mr. Dietz served the school from 1982-2017 as a beloved art teacher and athletics coach. Check out this awesome time-lapse video of the gym floor redesign:


We are certainly excited about all of these improvements, and truly praise God for all the opportunities we have to Share Jesus, Shape Lives, and Develop Leaders on our beautiful campus!

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