Our Transitional Services Department is dedicated to helping all ML students find success regardless of their ability levels or learning challenges. Transitional Services are designed to modify and create curricular and instructional accommodations consistent with a strong belief that “all students can learn.”  From small-group study sessions to individual educational accommodations, the highly-trained staff consistently implements quality services for our ML students. IEP reviews, grade point averages, and standardized test scores are among the indicators utilized in the implementation of this innovative program.

Class of '16, Steven

“Teachers are very patient and have passion for what they teach. They love their students, and we love them.”


The Academic Intervention program is designed to systematically work with students who are struggling academically. The goal is to identify and remove the roadblocks and provide the supports for academic success. Students need to make acceptable progress towards completion of the requirements for their course of study.

The system is designed to intervene as early as possible at the lowest level. Failure to achieve success will result in a move to a higher level or more specific intervention. A failure to establish a pattern of academic success may ultimately result in a request for withdrawal from the school.

Pre-Intervention Programs and Strategies 

Proactive Admissions

  • Exemption Testing
  • Prior Testing Records
  • Recommendation of Past Teachers
  • Student & Family Advisement 

Assimilation into Martin Luther

  • Summer Study Skills Course
  • Freshman Orientation
  • Freshman Parent Orientation 

Family Contact

  • Meet the Teacher Night
  • Parent Teacher Conferences
  • Posting Assignments Online (Skyward)
  • Online Grade Reporting (Skyward)
  • Weekly Spartan Sentinel  

School Culture

  • Teacher Collaboration of Best Practices
  • Co-Curricular Activities 

Quality Classroom Instruction

  • Clear Performance Expectations
  • Clear and Consistent Management Procedures
  • Formative Feedback Cycles
  • Differentiation of Instruction (including mandated accommodations

Additional Help

  • Student Help Time
  • Optional Study Center Hours
  • Transitional Study Hall
  • 9th Hour Study Hall
  • National Honor Society Tutoring


Academic Intervention Steps 
  • Pre-Intervention Programs and Strategies
  • Level 1 - Classroom Teachers
  • Level 2 - Professional School Counselor
  • Level 3 - Director of Student Services
  • Level 4 - Principal Action


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