Sharing Jesus, Shaping Lives and Developing Leaders


The Lutheran High School Association of Greater Milwaukee is blessed to serve over 1,800 students at our three campuses each and every day. Through academics, athletics and the fine arts, every student who walks through our halls is encouraged to use their God-given talents as they move forward in faith toward their next stages of life.

Placing an ad on our school websites, on our 55” monitors, and on banners located in our gyms or on our athletic fields is a great way for you to reach the thousands of people who attend our many events. In turn, your company helps to provide the resources necessary for our faculty and staff to prepare our students for the future.

Please reach out to us to plan your spot in our schools!  For athletic advertisements/sponsorships, you can contact the LHSAGM Director of Athletics. For all other school and event advertisements/sponsorships, please contact the LHSAGM Marketing and Brand Manager to start the process. 

We can work together to grow your business, and grow our mission field.  We look forward to hearing from you.