Allen . Class of ‘19

I like the teachers because they help you out, they’re really caring and understanding. They will be there for you when you’re going through hard times. Recently, I had a death in my family and some of the teachers came to the funeral and supported me, helped me get through everything. They were there for me.

I like the chapel there. I feel like we get closer to God every time we have chapel.

I’m being prepared for the real world because they are developing us to be great leaders, and teaching us good skills to have in life.


Franny . Class of ‘17

I like Martin Luther because they give you so many opportunities to grow and improve, and learn more about God everyday. Academically, I can be a part of many committees. Athletically, I can participate in multiple sports and not have to focus on one. I’m in volleyball and soccer. You are part of the team and part of the family. I can get to know people better and enjoy the competition in sports.

I think teachers can care about you more with the smaller class sizes. It’s more one-on-one. And if you need something, you can go to them and they’ll help you out.

I like being able to go to chapel three times a week and have different speakers come and give presentations. At a public school, I wouldn’t have that or my theology classes which I enjoy.

My favorite class is speech class because it has helped me improve public speaking and be able to talk to people about my faith easier.

LIFE groups are a different way of presenting God’s word. I get to lead students with another upperclassman once a month. It’s a way of learning in the classroom with your fellow peers instead of a lecture. It’s not all religion, but it builds a community with students while still learning about God.

I’m being developed as a leader every day by having teachers who care about you. And having so many opportunities to learn and grow, and improve my faith.

God is using me to help shape other people’s lives by setting me as an example to inspire others to get closer to God. I like teaching because teachers have inspired me, and I want to be able to inspire other kids.


Owen . Class of '17

At ML, you have the experience and ability to grow and become who you are, instead of who everyone else is.


Steven . Class of '16

Teachers are very patient and have passion for what they teach. They love their students, and we love them. (Steven Zhang – 16)


Andy . Class of '15

When I first came here, the school culture, the Spartans, really affected me. The students are friendly and helped me a lot. Their leadership affected me.


Jackie, Class of '16

"The teachers are really special here. They focus on what the individual needs, instead of just getting things done. They want everyone to succeed. The students care about one another. If someone is struggling through something in life, everyone tries to help that person out."