Bianca . Class of ‘24

I have connections with all my teachers. One specifically, Mr. Kutcher. I struggled in his class so much, for a while. Because it was such a challenging class, it helped me be better. It worked out in the end. It made me work harder.

What brings kids together here is our religion, and that we believe in God. And we share the same faith. We all know we are brothers and sisters in Christ. So, we have this love for each other that is different from other schools. The environment is different. Everything is different.


L'Shawn . Class of ‘23

I love that I’m pushed to be the best person I can be. Athlete, Christian, student, friend, peer. All of that. I feel surrounded by greatness.


Jailyn . Class of ‘22

In my four years here, I took 5 AP classes, I took a CNA class and got my CNA license. I’ve taken 3 dual credit classes for Spanish. The academics here are very available. I’m graduating Martin Luther with 26 AP credits. Which is really great because I can come in as a sophomore, which is really cool.

[In regards to the CNA class…] My mom is a nurse practitioner, I wasn’t fully committed to the environmental science and sustainable management major yet.  I was also thinking about becoming a nurse. If I wasn’t going to [The University of Minnesota], I was going to go to Marquette for nursing. CNA was an opportunity for me to see if nursing was a career I wanted to pursue. I learned a lot of time management with this because you were doing two schools at once. It taught me to prioritize my time and what was important.

I love my friends and the people I’ve met here. Especially my senior year, I met some people that I could not live without. I love that the different classes all reach out to each other. There is a freshman that I hang out with.  She is like my little sister and I love her so much.


Solomon . Class of ‘22

Next year I will be going to the United States Airforce Academy. This was a very long process to get into this school. It took a lot of hard work, SATs, ACTs, a lot of recommendation letters, and help from people at this school.  I'm proud to say I received an appointment for the United States Airforce Academy. And I will be serving my school, my God, and my country there next year.

Leadership is more about what you do and less about what you say. [Coach Romano] definitely demonstrates that. I am who I am today because of wrestling. When it is just you on the mat the only person you can point at is you yourself. That just helped me to develop a strong work ethic, pursue excellence, and push my limits.

There are so many AP classes or extra-curriculars. You can find what you like and don’t like. The one thing about ML, there is never too little to pick from. You have to decide what you like and what to pursue. For me the woods and industrial arts was fun and taking culinary careers this year was awesome. For culinary careers I got a certification, so if I ever want to go into restaurant work it will be easy because I’ve already taken the exam.

It is really cool to see some of my friends go from not knowing about Jesus to being baptized. One class had a huge impact on me was the church with Mr. Zimmer. He really shared Jesus every day with every student. He helped us understand the church is the body of Christ. There are so many good religion classes. All the teachers here are trying to point you to Jesus, not just the religion ones.

Tita (Croatia) . Class of ‘22

The connection between teachers and students... Here teachers care about you more. They care about your feelings and how you are just doing in real life. If they see you are down that day and you're normally a happy person, they'd ask you to stay after class and see what's wrong... They don't care if you just get a good grade. They care about you becoming a great person and a great Christian.

I arrived at ML in January, and even though I’ve been here for a short time I can say that this has been an unforgettable experience. Since the first day when I entered the school everyone, from the teachers, staff, and students, were extremely welcoming and accepting. Teachers at ML are both professional, but friendly. At the same time, they try really hard to make a friendly atmosphere, and they succeed every time. Students at ML are really accepting and a lot of them made me feel comfortable and welcomed. I’ve made a lot of friends by joining a soccer team, and I strongly recommend joining any sports team at ML. My experience so far has been so good that I’m thinking of staying for one more year.


Miranda . Class of ‘21

I had never been to private school before. None of my friends are going to private school. and I had never heard of ML before. I ended up touring. Right away I could tell it was really welcoming. I decided to try out for volleyball and that’s when I fell in love with the school. The coaches genuinely believed in me. The girls cared about me and I was making friends right away.

Going to public school we learn about evolution as a fact. I was struggling between creation and God. None of my friends believe in God either. I was torn and didn’t know who to talk to about it. I’m able to go to any teacher here and talk to them about anything and pray with me... I’m taking the comparative origins class so I have the confidence to defend my faith. And apologetics. The theme this year is "Do you know the answer?" And I can confidently say that when I’m leaving ML, I do have enough confidence and knowledge to defend the hope that’s in my heart.


Carley . Class of ‘21

My faith is a really big part about being in this school... It is crazy that a baptism can be part of our school day and that's a normal school day. It's not something totally out of the blue. That's a normal school day for us.

I really enjoyed high school. I was able to be involved and be part of so many different relationships. I'm friends with kids I never thought I'd meet. I know people from Uganda, China, Italy, Germany, Switzerland. It's crazy.


Brady . Class of ‘21

I grew up in a Christian household/school. So, coming here wasn't super different. But coming here with the chapels and the religion classes, it showed the way things in our faith should be done. It reinforced everything that we learned and overall strengthened our faith. 


Allen . Class of ‘19

I like the teachers because they help you out, they’re really caring and understanding. They will be there for you when you’re going through hard times. Recently, I had a death in my family and some of the teachers came to the funeral and supported me, helped me get through everything. They were there for me.

I like the chapel there. I feel like we get closer to God every time we have chapel.

I’m being prepared for the real world because they are developing us to be great leaders, and teaching us good skills to have in life.


Franny . Class of ‘17

I like Martin Luther because they give you so many opportunities to grow and improve, and learn more about God everyday. Academically, I can be a part of many committees. Athletically, I can participate in multiple sports and not have to focus on one. I’m in volleyball and soccer. You are part of the team and part of the family. I can get to know people better and enjoy the competition in sports.

I think teachers can care about you more with the smaller class sizes. It’s more one-on-one. And if you need something, you can go to them and they’ll help you out.

I like being able to go to chapel three times a week and have different speakers come and give presentations. At a public school, I wouldn’t have that or my theology classes which I enjoy.

My favorite class is speech class because it has helped me improve public speaking and be able to talk to people about my faith easier.

LIFE groups are a different way of presenting God’s word. I get to lead students with another upperclassman once a month. It’s a way of learning in the classroom with your fellow peers instead of a lecture. It’s not all religion, but it builds a community with students while still learning about God.

I’m being developed as a leader every day by having teachers who care about you. And having so many opportunities to learn and grow, and improve my faith.

God is using me to help shape other people’s lives by setting me as an example to inspire others to get closer to God. I like teaching because teachers have inspired me, and I want to be able to inspire other kids.


Owen . Class of '17

At ML, you have the experience and ability to grow and become who you are, instead of who everyone else is.


Steven . Class of '16

Teachers are very patient and have passion for what they teach. They love their students, and we love them. (Steven Zhang – 16)


Andy . Class of '15

When I first came here, the school culture, the Spartans, really affected me. The students are friendly and helped me a lot. Their leadership affected me.


Miranda, Class of '21

"The theme this year is "Do you know the answer?" And I can confidently say that when I’m leaving ML, I do have enough confidence and knowledge to defend the hope that’s in my heart."