At Martin Luther we're about a lot of things. We're eager to have YOU be a part of something special... that "One Thing Needful" together with the tools necessary to succeed in life.

Our Mission
The Lutheran High School Association of Greater Milwaukee is a group of premier schools dedicated to sharing Jesus and developing future leaders by providing relevant, rigorous academics and life preparation from a Christian worldview.
What we teach and believe
We anticipate that our students will find themselves in at least five complex spheres of living in the future: relationships with others, education, work, civic life and the world. Therefore, it is critical that they are equipped to bring a Christian perspective to each life role and reflect values which will enhance their individual performance.

These desirable life roles represent what students should know, be able to do, and be like by the time they graduate from Martin Luther. The roles are comprehensive and will require students to have a depth of knowledge and skills in order to perform the complex tasks required of them.

It is with this in mind that our administration and faculty constantly review our academic and co-curricular programs to ensure that young people are properly prepared for the challenges they will face in the future. We are dedicated to providing dynamic and meaningful experiences for students so that after they leave us they will continue to grow as life long learners in society.

Our Christian beliefs compel us to integrate the faith in all aspects of life. We lead by serving and modeling ourselves after Jesus Christ. Our caring is marked by the presence of compassion, integrity, collaboration, and accountability. Our commitment to the success of all students calls us to provide programs and instruction dynamic enough to meet the demands of the future. We invite you to embrace our mission and join our school family while being educated at one of the finest high schools in the nation!

Principal, Dr. Wayne Jensen

At Martin Luther High School, our mission is to share Jesus, develop future leaders through relevant rigorous academics and life preparation from a Christian world view. Simply put, we are a Christ-centered school of excellence! Welcome to Martin Luther High School!

The Lutheran High School Association of Greater Milwaukee (LHSAGM) is commited to helping students discover their purpose and potential through an outstanding private high school educationand to persistently living and teaching according to the truth. Find out more, today!