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Virtual Tour

Meet our Director of Enrollment Management, Ms. Abbie Amling, as she gives you a virtual tour of Martin Luther High School and all that our campus has to offer.  Our facility is well-maintained, safe, secure, and learner centered. The needs of our students are at the forefront of our facilities and classroom design.  We strive to provide a premier campus and environment that is functional, effective, and attractive. 
We'd love to you have visit for an in-person tour where you can meet students and teachers and get a feel for our school culture.  Complete the visit request form at the bottom of this page and we will find a date! 
Interested in boarding or living on campus? Check out our World Cultures Page for a virtual tour of the new student residence hall.
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Student Stories

Curious to hear from a student about their experience as a Spartan?  In the below videos, Daja and Joey both share how God's love at Martin Luther transformed their high school experience.




At Martin Luther High School...
You can build a unique learning experience that is as fun as it is applicable to your future goals.  Our Spartans leave with a world of knowledge and meaningful connections bigger than our Greendale community.
Teachers and students are highly engaged, building genuine relationships across the community.  Our students and staff are accepting and welcoming, consistently providing a community of support for others.  We are intentional about our students' spiritual growth and worship.  Together we strive to live daily as followers of Christ, holding one another accountable to be the best stewards of our God-given talents and abilities.  We use His gifts for His Glory.