Students are encouraged to participate in many of the various activities that are offered at Martin Luther. Whether it be playing on one of the many sports teams, being a part of a drama production, musical, or many other activities, the faculty and administration strongly support each student that becomes involved.
Martin Luther High School is an excellent academic institution. However, we also know that many additional learning situations present themselves through the experiences that students receive when they are involved in the many activities offered at our school. Students learn social skills, time management skills, develop deep friendships, overcome common obstacles and celebrate successes together - all the while keeping Jesus Christ as the center and focus of all that we do.


At Martin Luther High School we're all about technology. Technological advances have impacted every aspect of our lives, and this hasn't gone unnoticed at Martin Luther. We've put today's educational technology in place, and we're leveraging it to provide a modern learning environment for our students. We offer students:
  • A modern campus with WiFi access throughout.
  • Policies in place that allow students to use wireless personal learning devices in class and throughout the day.
  • 24/7 Access to our updated web sites.
  • Computer labs with up to date hardware and software.
  • A Social Media infrastructure including: Facebook, Twitter, Livestream, and YouTube.
  • Online access to student grades.

We also in the planning stages of:
  • Changing our curriculum to reflect 24/7 learning methods.
  • Retraining our faculty to focus on teaching methods that go beyond textbooks.
  • Building an eBook infrastructure to completely replace textbooks.