You can build a unique learning experience that is as fun as it is applicable to your future goals.  Using our four pillars of education... Spiritual Life, Academics, Athletics, and Fine Arts... Spartans leave with a world of knowledge and meaningful connections bigger than our beautiful Greendale community.
Course Catalog 2024 - 2025
College Preparatory Curriculum
We provide a challenging, comprehensive, college preparatory curriculum from a Biblical worldview.  Our curriculum serves a varied population of learners with relevant, rigorous, and well-rounded instructional content and form for college and life preparation.
  • 140 Courses
  • 70+ Elective Courses / 19 AP Courses / 11 Dual Credit Courses
  • 14% of ML graduates did so with a 4.0 grade point average or higher (class of 2022)
  • 31% of ML graduates did so with college credit eligibility via our Advanced Placement program
  • Spartan student-athletes average a 3.0 cumulative GPA
Global Innovation
ML is committed to creativity and innovation.
  • ML is a wireless environment wherein students are encouraged to create and learn via the use of mobile learning devices.
  • ML staff is committed to growing in learning, and applying "24/7" learning strategies to their teaching.
  • The ML "World Cultures Program" serves students with academic excellence from multiple countries across the globe.
Learning and creating is a constant, global activity in which we are proud to be a leader of excellence!
AP/Dual Credit Program
ML enjoys powerful partnerships with the College Board Advanced Placement Program (AP) and the Dual Credit Program with Concordia University - Nebraska (CUNE).
  • ML's multiple AP results consistently score above state and national averages.
  • Multiple AP courses are available to students across the curriculum (Math, History, Science, English).
  • ML is a satellite campus for CUNE where students can receive over 15 college credits by taking college classes on our campus from our teachers (Spanish, History, Math, Science, English).
Our reputation for academic rigor and quality results allows for us to offer these advanced opportunities to our students!
 STEAM Program

Science - Technology - Engineering - Arts - Mathematics 

The 21 century is moving fast into STEAM careers.  Our strong Science and Math Department curricular coupled with our Computer Science, Arts and Technology offerings will lead the way in helping students experience our STEAM program.  Students should include classes with creative engagement, like Music, Graphic Design, and Humanities, which will complement and benefit their STEAM education.

Students with a strong interest in STEAM should take at least:

4 Years of Science

4 Years of Math

2 Years of Computer Science

Other courses that enhance the program: 

AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, AP Statistics, AP Biology, AP Physics, AP Environmental Science, AP Chemistry, Design & Technology, AP Computer Science Principles, AP Computer Science, AP Studio Art

Other activities that enhance the program:

Robotics Club, Math & Science Bowl, Visual Arts Club


Popular Courses

Concert Choir - Take nation-wide music tours every year

Culinary Careers - Become ServSafe Certified

AP Human Geography - Earn college credits as a freshman

AP Biology - Prepare for a career in the medical field

Mission, Ministry & Service - Prepare for a career in church-work

Woods & Power Tech - Prepare for a career in the trades

Spanish & Mandarin Chinese - Increase memory and cognitive skills 



At Martin Luther High School we're all about technology. Technological advances have impacted every aspect of our lives, and this hasn't gone unnoticed at Martin Luther. We've put today's educational technology in place, and we're leveraging it to provide a modern learning environment for our students. We offer students:

  • A modern campus with WiFi access throughout.

  • Policies in place that allow students to use wireless personal learning devices in class and throughout the day.

  • 24/7 Access to our updated web sites.

  • Computer labs with up to date hardware and software.

  • A Social Media infrastructure including: Facebook, Twitter, Livestream, and YouTube.

  • Online access to student grades.

We also in the planning stages of:

  • Changing our curriculum to reflect 24/7 learning methods.

  • Retraining our faculty to focus on teaching methods that go beyond textbooks.

  • Building an eBook infrastructure to completely replace textbooks.


Jailyn, Class of '22

“I took a CNA class and got my CNA license. I've taken 3 dual credit classes for Spanish. I'm graduating ML with 26 AP credits.  Which is really great because I can come in [to the University of Minnesota] as a sophomore."