Mr. Krubsack: A Music Legacy

Posted by Whitney Dotson on Aug 8, 2022 10:06:25 AM

Krubsack-HawkinsThe influence of music is powerful across all nations, genres, and generations. The Martin Luther High School band program understood this and poured a remarkable experience into hundreds of students since the school began in 1968. David H. Krubsack was the first director of music at ML, being on the faculty list when the doors opened to welcome 11 band and 16 chorus members. 

Mr. Krubsack was vital in developing the band to its excellence over the years. Under his leadership, the bands quickly grew to over 100 members. They also expanded to include a Spartan Band for beginners, the Varsity Band for intermediate players, the Symphonic Band for experienced players, Brass Choir, Pep Band, Woodwind Ensemble, and Percussion Ensemble. Mr. Krubsack also began the Lutheran High School Sunday program, where band and choir members performed in Lutheran churches once a month around the area to increase the visibility and presence of Martin Luther in the community. This program has continued to this day. The bands and choirs also went on tours to perform their music across the country, starting in the Midwest, and eventually expanding to Florida, Washington D.C., California, and even Canada. 

Mr. Krubsack retired after 30 years of teaching in 1998. Mr. Wiegert directed the bands after him until 2011 and Mrs. Jessica Kindschi Wolter followed him and currently runs the thriving band program. Mr. Krubsack was awarded the Milwaukee Civic Music Association’s Certificate of Achievement for outstanding accomplishments in instrumental music education in 1993 while the school celebrated its 25th anniversary. He was also inducted into Martin Luther’s Hall of Honor in the Inaugural Class of 2019. 

One band alum, Tim Hawkins (Class of 1984), was exceptionally grateful for his experience in the ML band program under Mr. Krubsack’s direction. He and his wife Becky decided to make a gift to establish a fund under Mr. Krubsack’s name so more students could have the same experience. In spring 2022, Martin Luther High School established the David H. Krubsack Legacy Fund “Soli Deo Gloria.” This fund will provide scholarships and financial assistance to minimize or eliminate the cost barrier for grade school or ML students to enter the music program because of instrument purchase, lessons, and tour costs. It will also go towards hosting an annual music festival for local band members in grades 5-12 to encourage students to continue music through high school.

You can contribute here. Select from the drop-down: ML Restricted David H. Krubsack Legacy Fund Band Program.

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