ML Virtual Plan | Chapter 2

Posted by Dr. Wayne Jensen on Apr 24, 2020 1:04:42 PM


Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ!

Thanks so very much to all of you for leaning in and making these virtual days of instruction a success for everyone!


Parents, students, and staff alike have done a very nice job of adapting to these unprecedented days and it is yielding great results. You need not look very far in our community to see and hear stories of schools and districts that have very much struggled to adapt to all of this. All of which has really set back learning across the board and will continue to disrupt growth and development in those communities for the foreseeable future as folks will be continually seeking to "catch up."

At ML, we can be comforted and pleased with the fact that, for the most part, we have not skipped a beat or created any great gaps in learning that will follow us down the road. Said another way, through all of this, we have continued to be who we are and engage in the delivery of academic ministry our way. This is a great compliment to our entire community of Christ-centered excellence! THANK YOU!

What follows is the academic plan for the remainder of this school year. This is the plan as written speaking directly to the students.

Said another way, this is "The ML Virtual Plan - Chapter 2."

  1.  Classes will continue to be offered virtually according to the original plan. 
  2.  Classes will end May 15. 
  3.  Final Exams will be May 18 to May 22. 
  4.  AP Exams will be May 11 to May 22. 
  5.  Each classroom teacher will be sharing final due dates for assessments, makeup  work, and final exams. 

Please check with each individual teacher for the schedule of those weeks' events.

Between the dates of May 9 and May 13 you may see a temporary change in your Skyward grade. These changes do not reflect your final grade. They are needed for teachers to create individualized plans for students needing additional support.

Please check with each individual teacher for the specifics and resources connected to these individualized student support plans.
This is the academic plan only. All other plans around things like commencement, senior awards, locker clean out, returning chrome books, picking up projects, etc. will be rolled out in the coming days.

Keep up the great work! We are almost to the finish line!

It is twenty-eight days to the end of the school year! "We've got this because He's got us!"

Dr. J




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