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On April 30, 1967, using the same shovel which had been used at the groundbreaking of partner campus Milwaukee Lutheran High School, ground was broken for the building and formation of Martin Luther High School. Under the heading “We Shall Finish the Unfinished Symphony of Christian Education,” ML set out to serve the needs of the communities on the south side of Milwaukee. With the continued support of many churches, schools, alumni, community partners, and countless students and supporters, Martin Luther High School has continued to do just that, providing a remarkable Christ-centered school of excellence to families all throughout the Milwaukee area. To read more about the history of ML, CLICK HERE

Today, ML is a proud part of the Lutheran High School Association of Greater Milwaukee, where together with Milwaukee Lutheran High School (established in 1903) and Lake Country Lutheran High School (established in 1999), the three schools will serve over 1,500 students and their families this year, a remarkable growth of over 250 students from the previous year. All three schools have experienced significant growth in both enrollment and program opportunities in recent years, as increasing demand for the diverse communities and student opportunities they provide continues. ML is committed to providing exceptional student experiences in our pillars of academics, athletics, the arts, and student life, all of which are founded on faith and rooted in the truths of the Bible. We promise to never apologize for the Truth upon which we stand, and will tenaciously strive to bring the life-changing name of Jesus Christ to as many students and families as possible in relevant & relational ways through the remarkable gift of Christian education.

If you desire to know more about us and our story, please LET US KNOW! We are here to serve.

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