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Posted by Ryan Bredow on Oct 24, 2017 5:16:00 PM



What an exciting week at Martin Luther recently, as students participated in a school-wide fundraiser known as "Spartathon." Spartathon kicked off the Homecoming activities with different class competitions on a half day of school. Students raise money to participate and all proceeds will be put towards the completion of the Fitness Center Renovation Project. Over $12,000 has been raised and pledges are still coming in! A minimum of $15 was needed for students to participate in class competitions and any student raising $60 earned a class t-shirt and pizza lunch. The highest level of prizes included free tickets to prom.

Participants were able to compete in a variety of different activities. Each class had different teams participating, all with the goal to win a sweatpants day for their class. There were events for everyone, including: powder puff football, volleyball, bags, bocce ball, slip ‘n slide, bingo, ping pong, floor hockey, catchphrase, kickball, tennis, badminton, indoor soccer, dodgeball, chess, poker, and checkers.

IMG_4325.jpgOne of the main events was powderpuff football, featuring two rounds and an excellent crew of student coaches. In the first round, the seniors defeated the rookie freshmen and the juniors took down the sophomores. The main event was held that evening and allowed family and friends to come and watch the juniors take on the seniors. The juniors came out victorious to add more points to their class competition totals.

IMG_4179.jpgSpartathon is a time-honored tradition dating back to the 1980’s when students would pledge to walk through Root River Parkway. While the event continues to grow and improve, one thing remains true: students love the day and a healthy dose of competition and creativity among the classes generates a sense of comradery and hallways full of enthusiastic students. What an awesome time to build on & celebrate the family culture and community we are blessed with @ Martin Luther! 

Be sure to check out this great video (special shoutout to Riitta Kulinski & Champagne Studios!), giving you a taste of the Spartathon experience:

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